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This Is QAnon

By Paul

PAUL MUADDIB is a journalist, investigator and QAnon with a focus on uncovering the truth.

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  1. I was 10yo when President Kennedy was assassinated and I always questioned what happened growing up. Watching his funeral on TV really hit me hard and growing up I knew there had to be more to the story than what I read or saw on TV. As I grew and studied and became a professional and saw the lies and untruths in politics, and laws passed creating less freedom including the evil things I saw in my Nursing/Medical profession, I prayed for a day of something happening that would change our world for the better. I thought of moving to another country but decided all were just as corrupt. I voted for Trump as the “lesser of 2 evils” and that is when I decided to do more researching to find out who I voted for. I was a Libertarian/Green Peace voter for years always hoping for positive changes in our country. I never knew how evil things really were in the USA and in the World until I started reading and studying and following Q and QAnons. Since 2016 I have been impressed, surprised, shocked and angered learning about our satanic politicians and the evil towards children. I’ve known for years that CPS was corrupt and all of the missing children had to be somewhere. Since my mid-30’s I had stopped following MSM and delved deeper looking for the truth.
    Moving forward and now finding out that JFK Jr and his family are alive ignited my hope and feelings of seeing our country come alive again. This video brought tears to my eyes as a reminder for all of the years lost and wasted on such evil but also brings me hope and promise for a future that fills my heart with joy. It has moved me to want to do more in my clinic to help those who have been abused, have PTSD (which I already do to some extent with my Neurofeedback) and rebuilding these individuals nutritionally to regain optimum health as much as possible.
    Although I am a typical loner in daily life, my consciousness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has preserved me from feeling isolated. Einstein

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