Contraceptive Vaccines 1

Contraceptive Vaccines 1


“Recent Advances In Contraceptive Vaccine Development: A Mini-Review”

Contraceptive Vaccines 1

“This calls for a better method of contraception that’s acceptable, effective and available in the developed & developing nations.”

Contraceptive Vaccine 1.5

The HCG vaccine is the first vaccine to undergo Phase I and II clinical trials in humans.”

“Studies are focused on increasing the immunogenicity and efficacy of the birth control vaccine, and examining its clinical applications in various HCG-producing cancers.”

“The present article will focus on the current status of the anti-sperm, anti-ZP, anti-LHRH/GnRH and anti-HCG vaccines.”

Contraceptive Vaccines 2

Deliberate immunization of males and females of various species including humans (both men and women) with sperm or their extracts causes the development of ASA [Anti-sperm antibody] leading to infertility.”

Contraceptive Vaccines 3

“Besides the availability of the present methods of birth control, the population explosion and unintended pregnancies continue to pose major public healths issues worldwide.”

“Ninety-five percent of this growth is in the developing nations.”

Contraceptive Vaccines 4

“A vaccine against HCG is the first and only birth control vaccines to go through Phase II efficacy trials successfully and it has been shown to protect sexually active women from becoming pregnant.”

Contraceptive Vaccines 5

“The other vaccines against HCG was developed by Vernon Stevens with support from the WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation.

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