Boosted Influenza Flu Vaccine VIQCC & COVID-19 Outbreak Italy

“It looks like this “super” vaccine impacted the immune system in such a way to increase coronavirus infection through virus interference that set the stage for what happened in Italy.”

  • Does the flu shot increase the risk for coronavirus infection? YES!
  • Could a new flu vaccine be partly responsible for the COVID-19 mortality rate in Italy?  YES!
  • Is the rush to a vaccine the best solution? No, it could bring catastrophic results.
  • How does the SARS-CoV-2 infect and are protease enzyme supplements the key to creating our own endogenous antiviral protease inhibitors? Yes, I believe so!
  • Are there certain medications like blood pressure drugs and proton pump inhibitors that increase risk for infection and mortality?  YES
  • Is it chloroquine or is it zinc that is working as a possible aid in treating COVID-19? A strong case can be made for zinc!
  • Can plant polyphenols and flavonoids act to increase the antiviral effects of zinc? YES! And they possess other benefits too!


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By Paul

PAUL MUADDIB is a journalist, investigator and QAnon with a focus on uncovering the truth.

2 thoughts on ““Boosted” Flu Vaccine VIQCC & COVID-19 Outbreak In Italy”
  1. Good to get this info out there, though most readers will already be awake – how do we reach the brainwashed?

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