According to the book “The Evolution of Forces” by Dr. Gustave Le Bon, the planets were made at the same time and out of the same material as the sun. And since everything in the universe is electric, I believe the interior of the earth is more like a honeycombed enclosure. These are the tubular formations that were remained after the electrical filaments cooled.

1665 Kircher Map of the World

(Earliest Map of World to Show Currents)

And these currents followed the hollow tubes in the earth’s interior. The is a large ocean underneath the continents and that connects to the surface water.

This creates a closed and continuous flow system generating electromagnetic energy.

Entry points to the interior lie on the ocean floor in which down, through and back up to the surface under mountain ranges. He believed dynamo to be the source of the Amazon and other major river systems.

This pumping system continually brings fresh and electrolyzed water to the surface.

Here are two exits points at Lake Tenochtitlan and in the Andes Mountains.

Here is another in Southern Africa

And another one in the Himalayan Mountains.

Now back to the world map. The red dots are drainage points on the ocean floor and spring locations shown above.  Is the pattern starting to look familiar?

I believe this is what forms the earth Chakras locations. The Ley lines are the currents through which the water moves both on the surface and in the interior.

This energy producing system is similar to what was used to generate power under the Egyptian pyramids. Notice how the water currents follow the same pattern.


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By Paul

PAUL MUADDIB is a journalist, investigator and QAnon with a focus on uncovering the truth.

2 thoughts on “Electric Earth”
  1. Paul, so many times I have wanted to shout twt, ‘I THINK I LOVE YOU!’ Dearest Paul, whoever and where ever you are, I KNOW I do. Discovery, intrigue, insatiable curiosity, a zest for life and a nearly incessant quest for truth which, in turn, renews the cycle with each new discovery leading to expanded awareness and intrigue, has lead me for years. I have spent zillions of hours, engaged in discernment, search and discovery of deeper truths, wisdom and understanding in countless topics. That being, most, if not all, the topics you have posted about and created threads on thus far. My heart leaped and rejoiced (and still does) but especially in reading those 1st posts of yours, quite a while ago now, when I found you on twtler as I recognized in them any or all of the following things: the verity of what I had already discovered, the verity in what I had been in the process of discovering, and, more often than not, the puzzle pieces of beautiful truths which frustratingly had remained illusive, confounded, inaccessible or just out of reach for any of a number of reasons. My joy in those things made my heart leap. The rejoicing takes place as I have done enough investigation to recognize you as an unquestionably bona-fide truther, free from controlled opposition and agenda. My heart rejoices at your tenacity and brilliance in discovery of those illusive connections that were fraught with convolution, for your focus in reaching conclusions, the patience & commitment displayed in sharing information and the fruits of your efforts with the public, and, not the least of which is, for your obvious dedication to humanity. These, are the reasons I love you, my dear friend in humanity. I can’t stop smiling right now with wonder and amazement at the truth of what you have written…of course the energy created by water movement is what both energizes and is amplified by the pyramids! Brilliant! Ha! Why didn’t I think of that!?? Did you know that the man who singlehandedly built the Coral Garden (giant, heavy slabs of coral which no man could in any way move alone) in FL had steps that led down to water!? Ah-Ha! I knew that was significant somehow. ‘Watch the water.’ !!! Literally!! Watching the movement with an inquisitive mind leads to the truth of which I was aware – water above and below – and I was aware of water movement and ley lines – just never put it together!! Thank you! Any idea where the ‘water rights’ are being/attempting to be purchased? Do they correspond with where it rises to earth? I am looking forward to finding the maps you mentioned above and am curious about your further conclusions…Also, do you think water plays into how the pyramid stones were moved? I originally thought the pyamid stones were moved via a particular frequency of sounds/tones made by masses of workers in unity and that such a fq served to lessen the gravitational mass/molecular structure/something of the stones causing them to be lighter weight. However, the past few years have me thinking differently and I would love to hear your opinion (though perhaps you have already posted on this & I have not seen…in that case plz forgive me-sometimes posts can be illusive ; ) ). Given the present reduction in the earth’s magnetic shield, anticipated continued reduction and eventual loss of so-called gravity as a result, it makes sense that heavier objects would rise from earth as significant force must be exerted in the first place to keep them there. Perhaps, this was the state of the earth during the construction of the pyrimids…do you happen to know if there was a polar shift during or just prior to that time period? Do you happen to know if the magnetic shield takes quite a while (years) to return after such an event and, if so, do you think this was how the blocks were moved? Chisel from earth and gently up they go so they could have been guided by man? Do you think the polar shift is what Cuey (deliberate misspelling) is actually refering to when he says, “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.” Wouldn’t the initial loss of so-called gravity be great enough to raise man from earth? Do you think this what the ‘resurrection’ actually is…that, at one time, it was witnessed, and is foretold (due to extraordinary knowledge and calculating ability? Cuey -‘Nothing is new. Everything has been done before.”) and called such for lack of man’s ability at the time to make sense of it? I find that hard to believe, though, given the astronomical astuteness of men of that day. If that is what happened, did some know and understand yet exploit it for religious purposes to control mankind with concepts of heaven and hell? Do you think Cuey is referring to pole shift when he has said something along the lines of, ‘those of you who know/think you know haven’t yet begun to know the whole of it,” and “if people knew the whole truth of it all, they’d be in hospitals/lose their minds?’ I think it is possible but am lacking someone to appropriately discuss it with. Plenty are exposed to the extreme atrocities of many truths (how much worse could extreme atrocity get?) and do not require hospitalization/have not lost their minds in their awakened state. Do you think those statements are being misconstrued as they are largely attributed to the people who are not aware of the upside down nature of the world &/or are suffering from cognitive dissonance who discredit truth as conspiracy theories? Do you think those statements are being singularly interpreted when the double meaning exists? The electric universe, FE, r-hand rule, ying&yang/sun&moon, plasma… Paul, in general, where are you located? PLEASE tell me, will there soon be a time to build the family ark (ie. move to thirtythird || or dig a giant hole with a lid w/out the presence of metal)? I see the ‘event’ as clearly plausible/inevitable at sometime as it has been a reoccurring historic event…then, too, there is that forecasted ‘resurrection’… or is it one huge, crazy psy-op planned decades/centuries/millenia in advance now that we know science has been corrupted. (At the very least, decades to get polar shifts into the text books.) I have been thinking it may be a non-issue based on T twt and personal conviction that, if to occur, it could somehow be negated/ameliorated or avoided though am lacking in highly detailed/skilled scientific ability in fields of e-m’s, solar physics, chemistry… And, of course, there is so much disinformation, it has become physically and spiritually convoluted and so very difficult to discern. I will try to find something you may have written on the topic.
    You may know me as @BirdChirpTweet. Maybe I’ll once again grant twtler access to my phone in order to get the restriction off in order to twt the initial and well-deserved long overdue message to you to be sure you get it.
    With respect, gratitude, admiration and love, your friend in humanity and discovery.

  2. Wow!!! thank you so much BCT!! that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I really appreciate that. I am about an hour away from Houston, TX. Thanks for the idea, how the pyramids were built would be an excellent post!!

    I believe they were poured in place like concrete. “Another phenomenon observed in the pyramid stones was the presence of air bubbles, organic fibers, bones and animal teeth, foreign materials never found in natural limestone – which would seem to be further proof that the stones were man-made.”
    This is a really good article.

    I do believe the monoliths were quarried and transported, turning each piece into a single axle by putting wheels on each end so it could rolled, not pulled. You have a lot of other great questions and i promise i will come back to them. Thanks BCT

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