According to the book “The Evolution of Forces” by Dr. Gustave Le Bon, the planets were made at the same time and out of the same material as the sun. And since everything in the universe is electric, I believe the interior of the earth is more like a honeycombed enclosure. These are the tubular formations that were remained after the electrical filaments cooled.…

1665 Kircher Map of the World

(Earliest Map of World to Show Currents)

And these currents followed the hollow tubes in the earth’s interior. The is a large ocean underneath the continents and that connects to the surface water.…

This creates a closed and continuous flow system generating electromagnetic energy.

Entry points to the interior lie on the ocean floor in which down, through and back up to the surface under mountain ranges. He believed dynamo to be the source of the Amazon and other major river systems.

This pumping system continually brings fresh and electrolyzed water to the surface.

Here are two exits points at Lake Tenochtitlan and in the Andes Mountains.

Here is another in Southern Africa

And another one in the Himalayan Mountains.

Now back to the world map. The red dots are drainage points on the ocean floor and spring locations shown above.  Is the pattern starting to look familiar?

I believe this is what forms the earth Chakras locations. The Ley lines are the currents through which the water moves both on the surface and in the interior.

This energy producing system is similar to what was used to generate power under the Egyptian pyramids. Notice how the water currents follow the same pattern.



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