Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

The correlation between COVID-19 deaths per million of population and 65+ year olds that have received influenza vaccines is real. Dr. Allan S. Cunningham presented the challenge and here are the results.

One source for vaccine data: OECD (2020), Influenza vaccination rates (indicator) doi:10.1787/e452582-e (Accessed on 21 May 2020). This lists, by country, the % of the population aged 65+ for 2018 or the latest available year. For Covid-19 death rates by country as of 21 May 2020:

Czech Republic 20.3/28 Lithuania 13.4/22
Denmark 52.0/97 Luxembourg 37.6/174
Estonia 4.8/48 Netherlands 64.0/337
Finland 48.4/55 Norway 34.4/43
France 49.7/431 Portugal 60.8/125
Germany 34.8/99 Slovak Republic 13.0/5
Hungary 26.8/49 Slovenia 11.8/51
Ireland 57.6/319 Spain 53.7/596
Italy 52.7/535 Sweden 49.4/384
Latvia 7.7/12 United Kingdom 72.6/531

The x and y values shown above were used to determine the Correlation Coefficient (link for calculator below) between the two.

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

Is this a continuing worldwide Geronticide?

Here is my rebuttal to the “Correlation Does Not Equal Causation” arguments I have received, focusing on the over 65 population in Italy. Coinciding with the Italian government’s’ mandatory vaccination law passed in 2013 was a “No-Charge” flu vaccination program anyone over the age of 65.

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

“Vaccination is recommended and free of charge for all people aged 65 and over, regardless of the presence of particular risk situations

In August 2019, a nationwide media campaign using TV, radio, web and social channels was implemented to scare and coerce the elderly into get vaccinated for the flu, also using the “free” aspect to attract low income individuals.

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

Here is the youtube link to the propaganda video that was released by the government titled “Campagna di comunicazione sull’influenza 2019-2020”

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

“A “boosted” vaccine is also available, containing immune-enhancing substances for a better performance of the vaccine and is currently recommended for adults 65 years of age or older.

“In September 2019 was made available for the first time in Italy a “cell-based” flu shot, called VIQCC or QIVc, that is produced from cultured animal cells rather than eggs.”

Does the Flu Shot Increase COVID-19 Risk (YES!) and Other Interesting Questions by Dr. Michael Murray

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

Does the flu shot increase the risk for coronavirus infection? YES!

Could a new flu vaccine be partly responsible for the COVID-19 mortality rate in Italy?  YES

Why is the COVID death total in Latvia so low? Because the don’t get vaccinations!

No Extra Flu Vaccines Planned For Latvia

Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths QIVc Influenza Flu Vaccines Shots Q Plus News

“Less than 10% of Latvia’s population would be vaccinated”

“Regarding the risk group, aged over 65, Latvia is in the penultimate (next to last) place of the European Union in terms of influenza vaccination.”

All of my research is free to view, but donations and sponsors are greatly appreciated. I am trying to do this full time now and will need your help to make that happen.


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By Paul

PAUL MUADDIB is a journalist, investigator and QAnon with a focus on uncovering the truth.

116 thoughts on “Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths & QIVc Flu Shots”
  1. Every real researcher I’ve ever known who spent the time to do a deep dive on vaccines has come away with the same conclusion. Almost all of them then dance around how to say it without sounding crazy but I don’t give a shit. Vaccines have two main purposes. One, huge profits, more in the long term than the short term vaccine sale itself. Two, to create disease, which makes people easier to control. In short, vaccines are bioweapons. All of them.

  2. Overton Divergent has it 100% correct and its about time people are calling vaccines (and this new shot that isn’t a vaccine) BIOWEAPONS.
    Fauci authorized $7 million for gain of function on Corona in Wuhan which makes all parties involved co-conspirators in international war crimes. The agent had to be delivered somehow, so what better way then to do a Beta Test with a flu shot?

  3. Hey Judy, i know exactly how you feel. Six hours after that post i made today about the cancer agents in the vaccines I went to my brothers to help put together some office furniture. His 6 month old son just got back with his mom from a fresh round of vaccinations and he already had a fever. It took everything i had to keep my mouth shut. More are waking up though and for some strange reason its always our families that are the last ones to do it. Stay strong because we know the truth and there’s no way in hell we are going back to their way. I have some bombshells ill be posting in the morning. My search for the alternatives to HCQ since its been on lockdown is over. Any everyone will be able to get this drugs. Same effect and outcomes as you would have with HCQ!

  4. Yes sir thats exactly what they are. Louis Pasteur getting paid off by Napoleon III and other royals in Europe started this nonsense. Everyone is fired up about this COVID hoax and now is the time we can break the cycle. I have some new posts coming this morning. My search for the alternatives to HCQ is over. Any and everyone will be able to get this drugs. Same effect as you would have with HCQ!

  5. Yep and we can stop the madness here. Please check back at 8 this morning. The alternatives for HCQ ive been searching months for has been found. I want everyone to bomb this information out. Why should we continue to trust doctors when they are the same ones trying to inject our kids with this poison. We dont need eight years of schooling to read a research paper and determine for ourselves what is the best way to stay healthy or heal. #PatientHealThyself Signer of the Declaration of Independence Dr. Benjamin Rush. That will be the new hashtag all this will be under.

  6. I agree with the comments above, however we have to look impartially at this. How were the countries chosen for the list? Lots of countries I would like to see included, in particular Australia, which has high flu vaccine coverage and very low pandemic incidence and mortality, and of course the USA, broken down by state.

    Further, can we rely on the figures? Countries with varying vaccination policies also have different approaches to gathering data on pandemic morbidity and mortality. What about Brazil, where the pandemic is a massive problem – or is it fraud about the data that is the problem?

    The UK has stopped counting cases while they investigate the counting process, and the USA has taken data collection out of the hands of the CDC for suspicions about integrity. The tests can’t be relied upon. A positive test can mean you are a goat, or a papaya, apparently.

    Personally speaking I have seen enough of these ‘pandemics’ to suspect that the data are completely unreliable, the testing is completely unreliable, the medical science has more holes than a colander, the conflicts of interest are rampant, and many many deaths are in fact iatrogenic – fear-driven overtreatment out of crisis mentality – or, at the very least, misattributed out of diagnostic expediency.

    In short, we can’t rely on ANY of the data we are being given enough to even be sure there even is really a pandemic. So in all honesty, I can’t bring myself to read too much into this study, tantalising though it is. I still won’t be having a flu shot though.

  7. Hey debbie. Please stop back by at in five or six hours. New cures to that work the same as HCQ coming.

  8. I’m a chemical engineer with 20 yrs experience working directly for the global chemical industry, trained black belt in six sigma statistical analysis and design of experiment…I have personally researched ingredients of vaccines and cross referenced known toxicology ….and I concur with you Overton.

  9. No doubt about it, the [cabal] want depop. Just take a look at the Georgia Guidestones. There have been efforts in fits and starts with hemorragics and aids but there has always been problems with virulence vs. transmissibility. I have either read or deduced (don’t remember which) that the ‘solution’ to their ‘problem’ was a binary attack, part A in the vaccine and part B in an airborne agent. This report seems to verify that but I think this was just a trial run and for the BIG one coming soon.

  10. Why do y need an alternative to HCQ? Is it banned. My brother a doctor has just died of. cancer and wouldn’t go the B 17 route of apricot kernels, saying it was poisonous. Now he’s dead. The chemotherapy killed him
    I don’t know why these intelligent men are so blind. It’s as if the medical profession is a co ven, which eventually kills the people who ve given their lives for it!
    I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy twice. Totally unnecessary, intrusive procedures, and there was nothing wrong with me! ( They just wanted to check) I’ve never had a flu jab,
    I never believed in it. Even as a child I resented having a BCG innoculation. What for. My chances of getting the illness was almost zero incarcerated in a boarding school as I was.

  11. What’s the cure please get it out there.
    We can’t get Hydroxychloroquine over the counter anymore in the UK. Please email me and I ll tell people. Thank you for your reseach

  12. Hey people, this correlation shows absolutely nothing. The number of 65+ people with vaccine and the number of people with Covid 19 both depend on the number of people 65+.

  13. Very interesting posts. I’ve objected to all vaccines for years. It’s scarey to see how many of my 72+ year old high school friends are ready to get the Covid vaccine.

  14. Thanks Sandy. please try to redpill your friends out of that vaccine. ill be posting a lot more info this week about this

  15. Hey Mica, i agree with your statement, but only if no other evidence is presented. I just updated this thread. Please look at the additional information and see if you come to the same conclusion.

  16. Hey Erna, the additional information i added to this post ends “correlation does not mean causation” argument. Now there is direct evidence of causation.

  17. Margaret Thomas
    Consider this: anti-malarial medications are used for Lupus. But they claim they don’t know why they work. We connected Lupus to Lyme disease. Lyme has 25 components, one of which is Babesia = Northern Malaria.
    See the connection? Anti-malarial drugs when LYME is the pandemic and corona is just a cover for the war crimes.
    Artemesia has been a remedy for parasites for thousands of years. Artemesia Absinthium does not cause build up of potassium (can be lethal in some people) so it can be used as an antimalarial in place of a drug that is in the same family as CIPRO which can cause terrible health destruction.

  18. I keep wondering whether the same herbs that I take to fight off the common cold wouldn’t help one in all of this? Some of the things I take when I feel a cold coming on are: echinacea with goldenseal, elderberry, olive leaf, graperoot, lysine, liposomal vit C, and garlic. Are we sure that these things don’t help? Is anyone studying any of that?

  19. Well, an R value is a measure of statistical correlation. But correlation implies that that there model that you are using as a standard. In this case, it appears that you are using (or whatever calculator you used is using) an exponential growth model as the standard against which you determined an R value. For this R value to have an meaning, you must explain why an exponential growth model is the most appropriate, as opposed to a linear model or any other model. Just saying I plugged in the data and got an R value of .73 or whatever is virtually meaningless. I’m not trying to poo-poo the result, but what you have done here is not enough to make a convincing argument.

  20. Hey thomas, not at all sir, I encourage questions concerning doubt or skepticism. But did you go through the whole post or just stop at the first picture? There is a ton of evidence that makes this a valid argument.

  21. Hey Lee, here in the US its not banned, but its pretty damn close. Doctors are scared to prescribe it (being threatened by their state medical boards with license revocation) because the pharmacies are now required to report it. The pharmacies will not fill the order if its for COVID or any other illness that hasnt been a preexisting condition. Only a couple doctors are brave enough to do it and its been 100% successful when they do. the corruption and deceit in our medical establishment is astonishing.

  22. Hey Larry, from an Aussie’s perspective I believe our currently low covid-19 death rates compared to flu vaccination rates are in part due to several factors
    1) Our leader’s responses in shutting down our borders early which restricted the outbreak (it will be interesting to see how that plays out now that it’s gotten out here in Vic due to appalling decisions by our State premier over security at hotels quarantining overseas arrivals)
    2) we were coming out of summer, therefore flu vaccination levels were low.

    May not be the case now, as there’s been huge pushes in the media, and mandating of flu vaccine for anyone wishing to visit elderly relatives in nursing homes (because, You know- everyone knows flu vaccine will stop caronavirus in nursing homes) A good friend working as a nurse here in one of our hospitals said that they are seeing colleagues Going down hard with it… young people, who have had the flu vaccine because it’s compulsory…

    Thanks for this article, Paul. I was wondering about a possible correlation between flu vaccine and people getting covid-19 worse than those who hadn’t had flu vaccine

  23. Check out Dr. Richard Bartlett’s recent posts, interviews and now website (
    He’s had 100% success rate, even with at risk patients, cured of COVID in just a few days using this common, inexpensive, available (at least for now) asthma steroid In a nebulizer.

  24. Good to see push back & reasoned thought. I’ve used “alternative” health care for 45 years… nothing other than childhood vaccines… nutrition/homeopathic/Naturopath Dr. Got rid of a nasty multi-strain staph infection (hospital) homeopathicly, didn’t want the industrial strength antibiotics… was fighting a systemic yeast infection.

  25. I am a 65 year old retired RN. I worked critical the last 17 years of my career. I have to agree on the vaccines. They are dangerous and I won’t get the vaccine if it is offered. My fear is that if you get social security or pensions., have bank accounts, that they will mandate that to recieve your funds, you must prove you have been vacinated. My grand daughters are 5 and 7 are on the “delayed” vaccine schedule. It is insane the amount of vaccines a newborn gets before going home. They haven’t even begun to develop an immune system. Tell me why an 18 hour old infant needs a hepatitis vaccine. And that one they get at 11 years for a sexual transmitted disease…..that is a horrible one. Kids have died getting that one, for genital warts. Why at 11. If you are having sex at an older age and make that choice, but I don’t think any vaccine is safe. I don’t object to the oral polio vaccine, but all the others have aborted babies cells in them. They have cancer cells, rabbit and insect DNA….they are filled with formaldehyde and aluminum and mercury. The vaccine makers have us over a barrel because years ago Congress passed laws that make it impossible to sue the drug companies that make these injectable sewers that all doctors insist that if we do not vaccinate our children we are abusing our kids. We are unfit parents. Tell that to the thousands of parents with mentally and physically injured children from getting a vaccine, a perfectly normal kid, goes in and gets a minor or dot and bam, now they are severely autistic. Or worse, now they are dead. Everybody needs to research the negative effects of vaccines, look up Joseph Kennedy, a Congressman, look up and watch the movie “Vaxed.” Look up Day star Christian channel and watch their broadcast on vaccines. You will learn so much. Please look these things up. I don’t doubt for a second that the flu vaccine caused the older people to be more susceptible to covid. What a great way to control population without genocide outright.

  26. Can’t cure what doesn’t exist. Most important thing to cure here is fear. Second most important thing is fear. And third is fear. The placebo effect works both ways. It’s time all these quasi-medical bandwaggonistas stopped trying to milk the lies for their own 15 minutes of fame and joined the fight against the monumental lie that is c-19.

  27. Ok I didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification. I still say we’re comparing apples with bananas though, or, papayas with goats. Because we can’t talk correlation when one of the terms in the supposed correlation is so badly misidentified as to be meaningless.

  28. This is effectively a cull, right? Sorry to be so blunt, but: A useful analogy is to consider all humanity as LIVESTOCK! Like dairy cattle who’re past milking become beef cattle? I see the manifesto of the “Georgia Guide Stones” everywhere I look, these days! I dare not trust what my eyes, ears and brain are telling me. But I know enough history to realise that socio / psychopaths ALWAYS ascend to the top! As Stalin said, “One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a STATISTIC!” Or as Mao might’ve said, “You can’t make an omelette without killing 60 million people!”

  29. Hey Michelle. thanks for commenting. not yet but i will. i just started this site about a week ago so its still in the bare bones phase. Do you have any other suggestions? this is exactly the kind of feedback i was looking for. im brand new at this so every piece of advice from your end is greatly appreciated.

  30. Yes it is since it really got kicked into action by Pasteur. Population control and a steady stream of future income by selling medical care and drugs. The same ones creating disease are developing the medicines to “treat” it, never cure. This way they can continue to 100’s of billions of dollar scams through “research grants” and charity organizations. it disgusting what they have been able to achieve.

  31. Awesome Steph! thank you very much. yes please share any additional information or links here because there are many hidden cures.

  32. thank you very much rachel. really appreciate that. this is meant to be open source and taken out of social media so please share these with friends and family. This medical tyranny has stop!

  33. hey jill. sorry i have not done any research regarding the natural cures. I do know that altering the pH in your body making more alkaline will prevent many illnesses simply because they need an acidic environment to live. change the environment and they die. Adding Vitamin D3 everyday will also help. I take 5 pills (20k IU) a day. They are fat soluble so I take with an avocado. Raising the pH and Vitamin D3 and the best preventative measures I have found. Its what I do.

  34. Here’s the mechanistic evidence for causation.

    There’s a strong similarity between chicken/egg proteins in the flu shot and SARS-CoV-2 proteins.

    The flu shot causes the development of allergy to egg proteins. Once infected with SARS-CoV-2, the allergic reaction due to cross-reaction will result in severe disease.

    Serological examination of IgE- and IgG-specific antibodies to egg protein during influenza virus immunization.

    orf1ab polyprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2] vs. chicken/egg proteins
    poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 14 isoform X3 [Gallus gallus]
    Sequence ID: XP_025008461.1 Length: 1861 Number of Matches: 1
    Related Information
    Gene-associated gene details
    Genome Data Viewer-aligned genomic context
    Range 1: 864 to 1036 GenPeptGraphics
    Alignment statistics for match #1 Score Expect Method Identities Positives Gaps
    60.1 bits(144) 1e-07 Compositional matrix adjust. 57/183(31%) 86/183(46%) 22/183(12%)

    This is the reason why allergy medications such as antihistamines (cetirizine/famotidine) help in COVID-19.

  35. What are you talking about? The article quotes the expert opinions of three actual scientists: Sheena Sullivan, Angeline Rouers, and Hanif Javanmard Khameneh. They are not journalists. The article also cites two published studies that found no association between flu vaccination and risk of other infections. Have you read the article at all?

  36. Margaret, do not ask for and do not accept medical advice from random people on the internet. This Paul guy is a dangerous snake oil peddler.

  37. Hey Andras, I really appreciate your interest in me and my research. If you pulled your head out of your ass you would see I not am peddling anything nor am I selling a product. I am offering for free additional research that you won’t find from MSM. Its up to the reader to decide who has the more accurate information. I find it insulting that you don’t think Margaret is smart enough to determine on her own which is correct. Idiots like you are the ones that believe the MSM when they said taking Chlorine Dioxide for COVID is like drinking household bleach. Keep trying though buddy. Others see our conversation and know who is full of shit. All your pathetic attempts to discredit me does is awakens others to the truth.

  38. If COVID-19 has proved anything, it is that most doctors are incompetent or corrupt (if you had any doubts before that). So random people on the internet may actually save your life.
    $53 billion to corrupt the science to create the “medical scientific consensus”:

  39. The low case numbers in NSW etc are down to low testing. The high case numbers in Vic are down to more aggressive testing. The issue is false positives. Even by conventional standards perhaps half of cases are false positives or more.

    Certainly the vast majority who test positive are well. People are not sick and dying in Vic, they are just producing a number on a test result, a colour change in a test tube. But they are not sick. So what does a positive test result even mean?

    As it happens, I say they are ALL false positives, since the supposed virus has never been purified and isolated, described etc and proven to be the sole cause of what is supposedly ‘going around’. And lots of other things can account for what is ‘going around’ (or appears to be). And the PCR test is not scientifically fit as a diagnostic test anyway, it doesn’t work that way. It does not prove any virus is present. It finds proteins, cellular debris etc, none of which have been proven to indicate the presence of this virus that itself hasn’t been isolated and fully described. The ways the test can be fooled are myriad. Which means that to call it a ‘covid’ test is like taking a test for flies and calling it a cow-dung test, because flies sometimes are seen around dung.

    So unless we actually can be sure what we are seeing, it is absolutely pointless trying to say whether or not locking people down or not is preventing it and so on.

    I don’t know why people have so much difficulty with this. Perhaps it is because the possibility that we are not being told the truth by politicians and media is hard to accept. REALITY CHECK!!!

  40. Sally Anne, strange the way in countries where they lock down and cases are low, they say it’s because of the lock downs. And in countries where they lock down and the numbers explode afterwards they say it would have been even worse, they clearly didn’t lock down soon enough etc etc.

    People will make up anything to cope with the fact that there is absolutely no correlation between locking down and preventing people getting sick, just as there was never any scientific basis for doing it in the first place. Total guesswork, and complete failure of draconian policy made on the fly.

    The logic people use in all this is like watching the Life of Brian. It’s stunning.

  41. You are welcome Paul. More details here:
    Immunological mechanisms explaining the role of IgE, mast cells, histamine, elevating ferritin, IL-6, D-dimer, VEGF levels in COVID-19 and dengue, potential treatments such as mast cell stabilizers, antihistamines, Vitamin C, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin

    COVID-19: Famotidine, Histamine, Mast Cells, and Mechanisms

  42. Thank you for the work you’ve put into these articles that I will be forwarding on to others.
    I would like to subscribe to your post.

  43. Thank you so much for your article ! I also did some work based on the Cunningham paper, and pulled a lot of additional data.
    I found that flu vaccination also increased mortality in Europe in 2017 and although I don’t understand the mechanism, that flu vaccination rates of children in the United States is highly correlated with COVID mortality. I have all of my data spreadsheets available for download on my website; please feel free to grab them for your work !

  44. Awesome thanks karen. I really appreciate that. those vaccines are the cause of most of the diseases we get in life. and course they ones that made the vaccines are there with hospitals and big pharma to bill us again.

  45. To be fair if your can’t even calculate a correlation coefficient correctly you really shouldn’t be pontificating about such serious matters on the Internet

  46. An intriguing discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you ought to write more about this subject matter, it might not be a taboo subject but typically folks don’t discuss these issues. To the next! Cheers!!

  47. The last two times I got the flu shot, I got pnesumonis, a strand that is resistant to antibiotics! Use something that is used for cystic fibrosis! Was in hospital for 13 days! Needless to say no more flu shots for me!!

  48. hey alice im sorry that happened to you. i keep hearing that more and more. i think a lot people have been keeping quiet about getting sick after vaccines and are just now speaking out because they see they are not the only ones. im really glad your aren’t getting anymore flu shots. its all designed to make you sick. those are nothing more than trojan horses for future diseases. especially stay away from this new one if they try and implement it. it has gene editing component called Crispr. They have been trying this out in africa and india. one of the mechanisms can be activated by wave resonance and sterilize you from the inside. they can do it with men as well. crazy times we live in. gates can shove that needle up his ass, its not getting anywhere near me lol!

  49. While boosted vaccines might make things worse it may not be the major issue; *any* garden variety flu vaccine appears to be potent enough to make you more vulnerable to other infections. Check out Dr. John Anthony Morris; originally hired by the government to support flu shots he found that they were dangerous back in the 1970s – and ended up losing his career because he would not compromise his principles, becoming a life long advocate for truth. Also check out the critical publication by Riken et al. 2018: Children receiving the flu shot (which would not have been a boosted shot, which is only given to adults) had higher rates of non-influenza illness starting within 3 days of receiving the shot – therefore it was clearly a result of damage to the immune system. A statistically significant effect was not seen for adults but there were not enough adults in the study to rule out that they were affected.

  50. I heard a talk somewhere that the flu vaccine, especially if you have that shot more than once, puts your immune system “to sleep” and then your immune system won’t react to a flu infection.

  51. hey karen. thank you so much for additional information. and for what your organization does. vaccines are trojan horses for future disease and future revenue. here is another study done with the boosted vaccines in Italy.

    I would be honored to join your fight. I have a ton information on this. Going all the way back to the 1800’s and have vaccines were used to kill off the population of Sri Lanka so the british could establish cinchona tree (quinine) and coffee plantations. I have written transcripts from the British House of Commons in the 1880’s with doctors testifying that vaccines are infanticide. How Pasteur from the backing of Napoleon III faked all of his results, starved and abused dogs to claim rabies. He was considered a murderer by everyone except the elites of course. These are all first hand sources from books written at the time.

    please feel free to add these as backlinks on to your webpage. And i would be honored to add your organization as a backlink to mine. i have people asking me everyday about vaccinations and where to go for information and support for the right not to vaccinate.

    Thanks for everything yall are doing over there Karen. have a great sunday

  52. Hypothesis: Possible immune interference between POLYSORBATO 80 of the adjuvanted influenza vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of coronavirus pandemic

    Juan F. Gastón Añaños, Ana Martínez Giménez, Elisa Mª Sahún García


    Based on an epidemiological analysis of COVID-19 deaths in the Health Sector attended by the Hospital of Barbastro, and the study of the pharmacotherapeutic history of affected patients, it was found that the most common drug to all the deceased was the adjuvanted influenza vaccine. This led to the hypothesis that the influenza vaccination of the 2019-2020 campaign with the adjuvanted influenza vaccine could be associated with an increased risk of deaths by COVID-19 in people over 65 years of age, that is to say, to the suspicion of a possible iatrogenesis, suspicion that increased when accessing data from another sector.

    A possible mechanism of action is proposed for the hypothesis of immunological interference with parenteral POLYSORBATE 80, and the degree of concordance of the expected data is compared to those observed, concluding that the hypothesis could be valid, and that is why it is decided to publish it.

    Key words: COVID-19, adjuvanted influenza vaccine, POLYSORBATE 80, immunological interference, cytokine storm.

  53. Thank you so much Paul ! Can you send me the links that you are referring to? And I would really appreciate it if you could backlink my site. Thank you so much for your support and additional information !

  54. Juan, that’s incredible, and at the same time no surprise at all. Thanks for translating the abstract, that’s very helpful. Is there by any chance an English translation available of the whole article? And is it in a journal?

  55. WOW!!! thank you so much Huan. outstanding article. I am about to start posting this everywhere. Thank so much for helping to expose this. We really appreciate it

  56. yes ma’am. ill get all that together and send over to you. Absolutely I would be honored to backlink to your site. ill get you this stuff. thanks karen

  57. The countries were cherry picked to force the correlation.

    There was actually a study done in Brazil: lower mortality with influenza vaccination.

    “… patients who received a recent influenza vaccine experienced on average 8% lower odds of needing intensive care treatment (95% CIs [0.86, 0.99]), 18% lower odds of requiring invasive respiratory support (0.74, 0.88) and 17% lower odds of death (0.75, 0.89).”

    In the US, based on county level data:

    “Our results suggest that influenza vaccination coverage in the elderly population is negatively associated with mortality from COVID-19. This finding is robust to using different analysis periods, different thresholds for inclusion of counties, and a variety of methodologies for confounding adjustment. In conclusion, our results suggest a potential protective effect of the influenza vaccine on COVID-19 mortality in the elderly population.”

  58. It’s not the doctors as such, but the ones who are beholden to government in some way. Look for a government tie-in somehow.

  59. Are we still believing in germ theory? I thought that was debunked 80 years ago?

    The PCR process was never intended to be used as a test by the very chap who created it and yet the corrupt psychos running this shit-show have hijacked it for one purpose only – to provide the results they want.

    It has an 80% error rate depending upon the number of amplification cycles used in order to get a result!

    Instead of chasing this unicorn virus around the planet no one seems to be asking the really important question: What is causing the toxicity in these people to reach a point where they develop the viral reaction?

    The suggestion in an earlier comment that it could be the flu vaccines themselves is an interesting proposition and one that is worthy of further scrutiny.

  60. Hi my daughter has Lyme disease and is treated by a naturopath doctor and we have 3 herbs Samento Banderol Cumanda. You can read properties for each of them in book called The Lyme Solution by Darin Ingels. they have antibacterial and antiviral properties. It’s been three times that I come back home with sore throat and once was after plane travel in March and each time I gargle with salt, did oil pulling and took these herbs and was fine the following day.

  61. Larry you’ve missed the point: forget about Covid case rates, look at the correlation between Covid DEATH RATES and flu vaccine uptake

  62. hey Margaret yes it is. the only difference is the activator. MMS in the past used Citric Acid. Now Hydrochloric Acid is used because the pH is lower and it triggers a greater release of nascent oxygen

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