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Hey everyone, one of these three methods will work in obtaining Hydroxychloroquine.

But first, here is what NOT to do. DO NOT order from an overseas pharmacy. Some of the Hydroxychloroquine that is being given in areas that are “Resistant” are spiked with an infertility drug equalling about 35% of each pill. Everything I will be explaining here is so that you can legally obtain from your regular pharmacy.

There is NO supply shortage of Hydroxychloroquine, there is a blockage of its distribution. Doctors have been threatened by their State Licensing Boards not to prescribe it and Pharmacist have been ordered by their Licensing Boards to demand the reason it’s being prescribed. There are ways around both that doesn’t put you, your doctor or the pharmacist in a compromising position, thus making them resistant to either prescribe or fill.

1st Attempt

QPlusNews, Hydroxychloroquine

This will be the easiest method, especially if you have some pre-existing condition in which Hydroxychloroquine has already shown to be effective. This includes almost everything but you can double check with the other information I have already posted.  I have not personally done this, but many friends have obtained it this way.

2nd Attempt

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This one I did recently and it worked perfectly. I had a toenail fungus on my big toe from my work boots. She first wanted to prescribe the harsh anti-fungal pills. Here are their side effects:

  • If you have liver or heart problems, you should not take antifungal pills. They can cause rare but dangerous side effects, including heart and liver failure.
  • You may need testing every 4 to 6 weeks to check for liver, kidney, or heart damage, depending on the antifungal pills you use.
  • Sometimes the infection can return after treatment. Your doctor may suggest ways to lower the chances of this happening.
  • Other treatments include using antifungal creams, laser treatment, or having your nail removed.


I told her heart and liver disease runs in my family and I did not want to take those pills. I also told her about this website that had an article about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine on toenail fungus.? I showed her my article (not saying it was mine of course) and the supporting research materials. She said absolutely she would prescribe it and took down the website addresses which I know she would be sending in with the prescription to the pharmacist.

Think of this like Case Law and once a treatment or precedent has been set and documented under THEIR publications, others are allowed to follow that treatment without any fear of reprisal. Not following suit would actually move them into the realm of being medically negligent because there are no side effects listed with the treatment of Hydroxychloroquine, unlike the many side effects listed above. So in a way, it forces their hand without twisting or them even knowing it is being done.



3rd Attempt

QPlusNews, Hydroxychloroquine

This one is more elaborate and you will have to lie, but no one will ever know but you. Make a doctors appointment and tell them you are going out of town for a about a month and need to get on malaria medication. Buy a refundable ONE-WAY ticket to Belize and bring with you to the appointment to show if necessary.

Tell them its open ended because you are looking a properties to lease or purchase and not sure how long you will be down there. These are the requirements as listed on the Centers For Disease Control’s website.

QPlusNews, Hydroxychloroquine

“Both adults and children should take one dose (200mg per day) of Hydroxychloroquine per week starting at least 1 week before traveling (which a little fear acting can get that bumped to 2 weeks) to the area where malaria transmission occurs. Then take one dose per week while there and a for 4 consecutive weeks after leaving.”

This will yield you a ten week supply of 70 pills and is doing nothing more than following the guidelines set out by CDC. Once again the doctor can feel safe in prescribing and the pharmacist has what they need to fill the order. Refund your ticket when you get home from the doctors office.

QPlusNews, Hydroxychloroquine  https://www.cdc.gov/malaria/resources/pdf/fsp/drugs_2017/Hydroxychloroquine_2017.pdf

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