Hard Debate

Any doubts, concerns, questions, request for research materials, etc. are not only welcomed but strongly encouraged. There will be a lot of information on this site that is completely new to everyone, as it was for me when I began last November. This will be a very hard red pill to swallow and will have your brain in a constant state of denial or cognitive dissonance.

Discover Yourself

Grasping the evil reality of what happened on this day will be very difficult. We all experienced it, but you must push through to the end. A person can not be forced to accept the truth, it must be discovered on their own.

No Preconceptions

To truly understand how the events of 9/11 unfolded, you must leave all of your preconceived notions or ideas about what happened behind you and start fresh from here. There were several new and different weapons involved. It was NOT “fire & jet fuel” nor was it “jews & #thermite”. The truth is revealed here.

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By Paul

PAUL MUADDIB is a journalist, investigator and QAnon with a focus on uncovering the truth.

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